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Based in Colchester, Essex we provide a dealer level service to enthusiasts, and independent trade specialists looking to diagnose, code, upgrade, or replace Porsche ECU's and keys.

We have an excellent product knowledge from numerous years experience within this specialist area, and are familiar with most retrofit options.

For convenience we are able to come to you within the East Anglia area, or further afield if required, but do realise we have to pass on the travel costs.

Postal service to code/recalibrate a range of modules from 986/996/987/997 Porsche vehicles; as well as key programming for most Porsche models up to 2016/2017. Cloning of some modules is also available.

Diagnostic systems - we utilise systems offering identical functionality to that found at dealerships, as well as specialist solutions not found at a dealership.

Our basic charge is from just £25 to travel within 10 miles of Colchester.



Our basic diagnostic/coding session, costs from £25 to come to you - within a 8 mile radius of Colchester Essex.

We can, and do, travel further, although fuel and time have to be allowed for.

We also offer a postal service to code some ECU's for the 986/996, and early 987/997 models off of the vehicle for customers who are further away.

We can also, when time allows offer a mobile  fitting service for some retrofits.


 Diagnostics and coding for  Porsche models

Software capabilities vary for different model years

We work with  vehicle owners and trade to provide a tailored, cost effective service.


Other makes of vehicles

Whilst Porsche is our speciality, we utilise a number of diagnostic systems that offer capabilities across various brands - such as BMW, VAG, and Mercedes and Vauxhall, using well known  systems like AVDI, Xentry, Vaux com,  ODIS, CARPROG etc Allowing us to -

Update the vehicle order  for retrofits

Remove component protection

Calibrate instrument clusters

as well as manipulate individual module data to allow used module retrofitting, resetting, virginising, calibration and code retrieval.

We are happy to 'personalise' vehicles to owners requirements where they do not wish to purchase expensive equipment themselves - and typically charge from £25 for this service dependent on the complexity of the job.

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