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Retofit of PCCM into 996 and 986 vehicles.

For this particular retrofit of a PCCM into a 986 without air con some extensive remodelling of the center console structure was necessary.


Retrofit of heated steering wheel - Panamera

On this job we assisted the customer to upgrade to a 2015 Panamera Turbo by fitting a newer version of the Multi Function Steering wheel with the heating option.

The job involved swapping the steering module as well as the multi function steering wheel - followed by re-coding the vehicle order and inputing the activation codes to enable the functions.

multi function sw.jpg

Addition of Bluetooth music player and mobile phone functionality to 9*7 vehicles and Cayennes

We have performed this upgrade a few times where customers have purchased a third party Bluetooth streaming device, such as those offered by Dension or on Ebay, that integrate with the CRR 23 or CDR 30 head unit.

Once the unit is installed and correctly connected to the MOST ring, it usually just needs a few coding options changing to allow it to successfully communicate with the car.

Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 23.23.36.png

Diagnosis and re-calibrating the front spoiler 991 Turbo

This job was a bit of a head-scratcher. The front spoiler on a recently replaced Turbo bumper would not deploy correctly. Consistently showing the same fault after replacing a number of parts. After reverting to basics using the diagnostic computer, a multi meter, and some manual movement of the spoiler we ascertained that the cable connecting to the lateral sensor was broken inside its protective sheathing. With the new part installed a quick re-calibration enabled both front and back spoilers to deploy again as required

Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 23.42.03.png

Re-programming used immobiliser and DME module 996

A customer purchased a non-runner as a project and was having problems getting the vehicle started. Used modules had been purchased from different vehicles so the IPAS security numbers did not match -  preventing the car from starting. The customer posted the modules to us. We extracted the IPAS codes from the modules and matched them so the immobiliser would allow the car to start. The DME was then re-programmed to the correct specification of vehicle. The modules were returned to the customer and the car started immediately. This option proved cheaper than buying a used ECU/DME kit.

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