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Coding and diagnostic questions and answers

Can you program new keys ?

Yes we can program keys, our capabilities vary by model. The earlier models are the easiest to do.


Cayenne 9PA keys

Keys for these vehicles are programmed to the immobiliser system by the use of security codes.

With the Cayenne you need a four digit PIN code this is available from Porsche or we can use software to download the codes from the vehicle's ECU - thus allowing new keys to be programed.

996/986 keys

On 996 and 986 models each new key is supplied with a security code (pictured).

This along with the immobiliser teaching code is needed to program a new key to the car.

We can either extract the security codes from the immobiliser modules on 996's 986's to enable key programming, purchase them for a small fee or use the codes you have obtained from a Porsche dealership.

987/997 keys

These models also utilise key security codes, although, they are a little more complex we can either use the codes you supply, purchase the codes or use software to program keys dependent on your needs.

991, 981, Panamera 970, Cayenne 92A, Macan 95A Keys

Later models migrated to online key programming at dealerships.

There are various solutions we can use, these mostly require the removal of the front BCM (Body Control Module) to download the information held on it. The new keys can then either be added with the module in or out of the car depending on the cirucumstances.

The later 7PP959753**  (92a, 970 ,991) type Porsche keys can be renewed for reprogramming, this is a bench based process which can be carried out relatively quickly and cost effectively. Simply post us the key you need renewed and we can turn it around the same day that we recieve it.

My 996/986 key no longer unlocks the car but is transmitting a signal - why is this

The security process used by an immobiliser varies by model and brand, but generally they use a 'rolling code' that is calculated by an algorithm known only to the key and immobiliser. This rolling code transmitted by the key is recognised by the immobiliser and if accepted will  lock/unlock the vehicle.

On the 996/986 the key uses a small 'operating window' inside which the rolling codes remain recognisable to the immobiliser. If the remote buttons are pressed too many times out of range of the immobiliser - the rolling code can advance outside of this 'operating window' and will subsequently not be recognised by the immobiliser anymore, preventing it from locking unlocking the vehicle.

If this occurs it is sometimes possible to re-synch the remote.

However if the remotes buttons have been pressed too many times they cannot be re-synched.

Even if you have the original paper tag with the key code on it you will not be able to reprogram this remote as the microcontroller inside the remote fob generates a new code as it is used and this no longer matches the immobiliser rolling code or the original code on the tag.

My heated seats and/or headlight washers don't work since my battery was disconnected, why ?

On the 997/987 models there appears to be a glitch that causes the car to lose certain functionality if the battery has been disconnected. The only way of restoring this is to perform a vehicle handover procedure which causes the car to reset its ECU's and to return seats and washers to full functionality. We can perform this procedure if you need it doing.

Can you enable PCM 3.0 upgrades ?

Yes we can do this, for the extra functionality to work an enabling code is required to be input into the relevant ECU. We ask that customers obtain these first.

Can you re-calibrate my instrument cluster?

We can currently do this on 9*6, 9*7 and Cayenne models. If you are fitting a used instrument cluster to replace a broken one, or upgrading to a 5-gauge cluster from a 3-gauge then we can re-code and calibrate the cluster for you.

Activation / Enabling codes for Porsche retrofit options

This system was introduced in a limited form with the 2nd generation of 9*7 models and rolled out across the range by 2010. It basically means that to retrofit some of the options, a VIN related code has to be input into the programming tool to allow it to turn on the extra functionality. To add options such as heated steering wheel, voice control, or additional PCM capabilities the extra vehicle parts/modules AND the enabling code must be purchased to allow this. The codes can be purchased from a number of sources. We are able to input the activation codes and turn on the retrofit option. Some examples of the work we have completed include PCM3.1 retrofit enabling; multi function heated steering wheel retrofit; PCM3 region changes from UK to Australia; and online services activation.

Can water damaged Boxster 986 immobilisers be  repaired ?

They can occasionally be returned to operational use, although this seems to be a rare exception.

If your alarm module has been water damaged (986/996), solutions available to  owners include -

i - Purchase a replacement (new or secondhand) module and reprogram keys to the module. Sometimes it is not possible to read the keys using dealer level diagnostic equipment. However we can sometimes  download the module configuration data  and write this to a new or secondhand module.

ii - Purchase a replacement immobiliser and DME kit with keys already programmed. This solution is to a degree - plug and play, however be warned that the spec of the donor vehicle needs to be identical to your vehicle. If not then coding errors, EML's or other problems may be present until the modules are re-programmed to suit. We can completely reprogramme DME's and immobilisers. We can also reprogram a 996 DME to suit a 986 and vice versa providing the part numbers are correct.

iii - Visit a main dealership who replace the module and reprogram new keys if the old ones cannot be transferred to the new module.

Water damaged rear body control modules 987 Boxster

Water damaged rear control modules on Boxter 987's are fairly easy to replace - but they do need to be coded to suit your vehicle options to work correctly. When new the modules will not work correctly on a car with a convertible roof unless they are programmed.

A used 'donor' module is often listed as a 987 rear BCM, but this could be from a Cayman, or a Boxster of a different specification, so it may not function correctly when fitted to your vehicle. We are able to re-code rear body modules 'on' or  'off the car'. When doing this off the car we use a purpose designed wiring loom and set of modules that emulate a vehicle. This allows the diagnostic equipment to code the module to your requirements. A good solution when you are some distance away from us.

I have replaced my CDR 23 and it now goes into 'protect' mode are you able to make it work again ?

Security codes started to become redundant on Porsche OEM head-units from around 2002/3. Instead of needing a code, the head-unit would instead communicate with the instrument cluster and obtain the embedded VIN to check if it matched the one stored in the head unit. If it is correct the CDR  turns on, if there is a mismatch it goes into safe mode. If you have replaced the head-unit you will need one that has the security feature disabled (EEPROM is re-flashed), or you can have the head unit re-coded to suit your car. This is a function we have performed for customers.


If you have a question about a retrofit or coding, then feel free to ask. We will try to answer it for you and it may be of assistance to another owner.

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Screenshot 2019-09-15 at 23.46.01.png
Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 20.40.04.png
Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 20.38.06.png

Can you enable the multi-fuction steering wheel so I can retrofit it to my car ?

Yes - Once you have fitted the necessary hardware, it is a reasonably straightforward process to  enable the modules such as the vehicle electrical system, gateway and PCM. Once this is done the various ECU's can all communicate with each other to allow the extra functionality to work. On the later models such as 991, 981 an enabling code is required to 'turn on' the extra functionality.

multi function sw.jpg

Does retrofitting or changing my car effect the warranty ?

If you have a car which is under warranty and alter it from standard, this may have an impact on the manufacturers warranty.

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