• Matt

Retrofitting the 996 instrument cluster to a 986 Boxster

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

If you are thinking about fitting a 5 gauge 996 cluster to your Boxster there are a variety of coding differences that can effect the operation of the new donor cluster.

Having worked with numerous 996/986 clusters we are able to re-code the majority of them to suit the options of your vehicle. This can be done on, AND off the vehicle by sending the clusters to us.

In the below example we 'coded out' the tiptronic option, corrected the mileage and enabled the cabriolet option using AVDI equipment. This enabled the customer to fit the cluster to a manual car once new gauge faces are fitted.

The donor cluster was from a 'tiptronic' coupe 4WD.

Doing this on PIWIS at your local Porsche dealership is simply not possible due to the programming constraints the diagnostic equipment works within.

Some examples of our work include changing the region from USA to Euro to prevent the start-up chimes, and display speed in KPH on the dial; re-programming VIN numbers to allow PCM's to work without going into the 'safe' mode.