This service is for the programming of an immobiliser module (you supply) for a 986 or 996. Needed when replacing the immobiliser module following water damage. It includes the transfer of your keys to the replacement module.


Your vehicle will not run until the replacement immobiliser (new or used) is programmed to the DME.


We advise that you to get in touch prior to the purchase of this service to discuss your vehicles circumstances -  sometimes new key remote fobs or extra work are needed if the old module cannot be interrogated. This can impact on the cost as extra labour or parts may be required.


If the water damage is extensive it may not be possible to transfer the keys to the replacment module - if your keys are still working correctly but you are getting unusual faults from the immobisers, then it is likely we will be able to transfer your keys.

If you cannot lock/start your car then it is possible we may not be able to read the immobiliser data - but there are other solutions which we can discuss with you.



How does the service work ?

Send us your old immobiliser and keys along with the replacement immobiliser (in some circumstances we will require the DME as well). We will extract the immobiliser security codes from the ECU's and use them to reprogram the replacement (new or used) immobiliser which we match to your existing DME.  Any additional work such as adding new keys as requiredis then completed.


All items are then returned to you by courier.


We can generally complete this work within 1 day of receiving the items.


Return postage is free within the UK but surcharges apply for international customers.

Porsche 996 / 986 Immobiliser programming - basic service starts at £50