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Cruise control cable for Porsche 996 and 986

Retrofitting of cruise control to the 9x6 series of cars is a popular modification. Fitting is well documented on a number of websites.

The pictured cables we sell were developed as a solution to this retrofit - to make it easier to identify where to put the connections.

They have proved popular with both vehicle owners and independent specialists who perform this retrofit.

There are two cables - the longer one which fits  earlier vehicles, and the shorter one fitted to the face-lifted vehicles.

This retrofit will not work on very early vehicles without electronic throttle control.

Identifying which cable your vehicle needs is usually fairly straightforward, unless it was built/purchased at or around the time of the facelift period (2001 - 996, 2003 - 986).

Generally, the face-lifted vehicle utilises the shorter cable.

To be sure we advise checking your vehicles wiring diagram which will indicate the necessary connections, as there are variations.

Wiring connections for cruise control are slightly more complex than for the OBC, but are still within the capabilities of the home mechanic.

The connections reproduced here are a guideline only - you should check what is correct for your car.

Some websites do not provide all the necessary wiring info. Or do not cater for the introduction of the later cluster type in approx 2000 for the 986. This does not generally need the additional connection from the instrument cluster to the DME (These clusters are identified by green, blue, grey connectors).

Please note - the date of vehicle registration can differ from the date of manufacture.


986 2000-2002, 996 C2 2000-2001/2, 996 C4 1999-2001/2

Cruise stalk Pin 1 - DME connector IV pin 27

Cruise stalk Pin 2 - Fuse B7

Cruise stalk Pin 3 - DME connector IV pin 25

Cruise stalk Pin 4 - DME connector IV pin 19


Instrument cluster connection Pin 16 or 17 (depending on model) to Pin 18 DME - There are a few possibilities, so research your vehicles wiring first.

On 986 cars with the later cluster with grey, green, and blue connectors (approx 200 on) this connection is not usually necessary as the CAN BUS controls the indicator light. But on the earlier vehicles  the cruise control indicator light is turned on by this wire.


There are a number of possibilities as per below, which were simplified by the introduction of the facelift models.


986 up to 2000 - Cluster with Blue, White, and Black connectors - Use blue connector pin 16 for non 'S' or black connector pin 17 for 'S')

996 Instrument Cluster with Blue, White, and Black connectors - use blue connector pin 16

DME connector IV pin 18 - The other end of this wire forms the Instrument cluster connection which causes the green cruise control lamp to illuminate.

986 - 2003 to 2004, facelift 996

Cruise stalk Pin 1 - Instrument cluster  Grey connector pin 17

Cruise stalk Pin 2 - Fuse B7

Cruise stalk Pin 3 - Instrument cluster  Grey connector pin 4

Cruise stalk Pin 4 - Instrument cluster  Grey connector pin 1

Once your vehicle has had the hardware retrofitted it needs the cruise control option coded to the car.

The process varies slightly according to model and year, but is generally accomplished by adding the extra option to the DME and Instrument cluster via PIWIS, PST2 or Durametric Pro.

We can, when time allows, perform the fitting at a very reasonable cost, it takes around 2-3 hours provided there are no underlying problems which prevent the cruise control from working such as the clutch or brake switch.

Note - To prevent the airbag warning lamp from illuminating, the battery should not be connected when the airbag is disconnected.

Porsche cruise control retrofit cable

Cruise control retrofit cable designed for later (03-04) models where speed is controlled by the instrument cluster. 

Porsche cruise control retrofit cable

Cruise control retrofit cable for earlier 986, 996 models where speed is controlled by the DME at the rear of the car and the vehicle is fitted with electronic throttle control.

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